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Mold Mitigation

What is mold mitigation you may ask? Well, mold mitigation is the process of reducing the severity or seriousness of a mold problem. Depending on the type of mold that is growing, we offer a variety of professional mold inspection and removal services throughout Cary, NC and even in some neighboring cities. When it comes to mold, it is very important to take action quickly to avoid major structural damage to your property and to protect yourself from the serious health risks that are associated with mold growth.

Mold Removal Cary, NC
Home Mold Removal Services

Mold is often caused when your property is exposed to excessive or prolonged moisture and when the climate is just right mold can spread rather quickly. In most situations mold is caused by water damage somewhere within the structure of your property. Problems like these can result in extensive property damage especially if the cause of the water damage is not controlled or fixed in a quick time frame.

Mold Removal Specialist

Nobody likes mold, but discovering mold in your home or business can be a terrible sight to behold that leaves many people wondering what to do next. If you have discovered mold in your commercial or residential building or even if you suspect that there could be mold growth in certain areas of your property, AMC Contracting’s skilled professionals are experienced in mold mitigation services and will work with you to find a solution to take care of your mold problem.

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Mold Inspection and Removal
Mitchell B.
We are quite pleased with the final product (bathroom repair / remodel after wall and floor damage from water damage from outside of house). I would've given only 3 or 4 stars because the initial tile work was only about average at best. However, AMC promptly assessed the work, determined it was not to their standards and immediately provided a different tiler to remove and re-tile the substandard areas. AMC was fantastic to work with. I would (and likely will) use them again.
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