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Cleaning & Disinfecting Services Cary, NC

The whole world has been impacted by coronavirus. The widespread pandemic has the world rushing to protect themselves. The contagious upper respiratory disease has left nothing untouched, whether it be your home or your business. The importance of sanitizing and
disinfecting has been elevated as the spread quickened. Sanitizing reduces the number of germs on a surface to a safe level, while disinfecting completely kills the germs. The purpose of both is to decrease the risk of the infection.

Disinfecting Service
Cleaning Service in Cary, NC

In the midst of the impact of covid-19, if a business or home has been impacted by coronavirus, the best thing to do is to clean the premises as soon as possible. As businesses start to reopen, to reduce the risk of further spreading coronavirus, proper planning needed.

Depending on the surface it comes in contact with, covid-19 will survive up to hours to days on the surface. For your safety and well-being, a licensed and insured professional should handle the task. The services being done by a professional ensures the germs to be sterilized and removed properly.

Covid 19 Disinfecting Services

AMC Contracting is a contractor providing sanitizing and disinfecting services to the Triangle/Cary area. By taking-charge of the impact of covid-19, they’re able to provide a trusting cleaning service for your home or business. They’re uniquely prepared to deliver the highest professional standards through comprehensive cleaning.

Whether your home or business requires assistance now or you would like to prepare for a prompt response if your building is to be exposed to the virus, AMC Contracting is a network
to dispose of the environmental hazards. The severity of a disease outbreak is extreme and AMC Contracting understands that the safety and health of your family and/or employees is at risk. When choosing what company to provide coronavirus cleaning and disinfection, it is critical that you choose a company that follows the CDC information respectively, like AMC Contracting.

Commercial cleaning and disinfecting
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Mitchell B.
We are quite pleased with the final product (bathroom repair / remodel after wall and floor damage from water damage from outside of house). I would've given only 3 or 4 stars because the initial tile work was only about average at best. However, AMC promptly assessed the work, determined it was not to their standards and immediately provided a different tiler to remove and re-tile the substandard areas. AMC was fantastic to work with. I would (and likely will) use them again.
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