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Aging in Place Assessments 

Do you know someone who has trouble accessing and utilizing amenities around their home, issues moving around the home, or who has experienced a recent injury due to aging and/or other factors?


A recent health change or decrease in mobility can cause one to request the helpful skills of an Aging in Place Specialist.


A Certified Aging in Place Specialist can visit your house and create a report that will give guidance, using principles of Universal Design, on how to maximize safety in your home environment based off of an Aging in Place Assessment. 


It would not necessarily mean renovation around your home, although it often does. 


Sometimes it's widening pathways in the home, putting up grab bars or stair railings, recommending tub benches or non-slip rugs. 


The potential home changes to be made by an Aging in Place Specialist are very wide ranging but also beneficial for the overall safety of your home. 


This is a service that is very unique because of the helpful fact that the Aging in Place Specialist at AMC Contracting holds a medical background and is able to often anticipate what the future holds for an individual carrying a progressive disease.

Aging in Place Home Assessment

How can the services from an AMC Contracting Aging in Place Specialist benefit you?


AMC Contracting’s Aging in Place Specialist is a licensed, practicing Occupational Therapist who became a Certified Aging in Place Specialist through the training and help of the National Home Builders Association. 


The Aging in Place Specialist at AMC Contracting has worked with thousands of people from various cultural and financial spectrums and understands the importance of a safe, caring home. Their compassion for the safety of others truly thrives in their occupation as an Aging in Place Specialist and they’ll do anything to make sure our Aging in Place clients are comfortable and satisfied with the safety of their home. 


At AMC Contracting, we believe that our Aging in Place Assessments are the best preventative measures for an Aging in Place client. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


At AMC Contracting, we want to teach our Aging in Place clients the helpful strategies for safe homes, everyday routines, hobbies and pastimes before an accident or illness happens. By highlighting the key components in an Aging in Place Home Assessment, an Aging in Place Specialist will offer guidance on how to create a safer home environment where an Aging in Place client has no limitations or struggles on utilizing the full functionality of their home.


There are various ways to conduct an Aging in Place Assessment, and Aging in Place Specialists should develop a safe Aging in Place Assessment that works for them in order to ultimately provide a helpful home improvement strategy to Aging in Place clients.


An Aging in Place Assessment typically holds the concerns of the home through a checklist, notes, sketches, and photos. The concerns focus on the physical aspects of the home (design, layout, floor plan, physical features, technology, wiring, plumbing, access points, construction materials, finishes, doors, windows, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, bath fixtures, kitchen amenities, switches, and controls) as well as the physical and emotional needs of the Aging in Place occupant (mobility, sensory, or cognitive concerns, if any). 


When an Aging in Place Assessment is put together, the Aging in Place Specialist has a complete outline of how to structure a program for dealing with the most pressing issues of the Aging in Place client.


Aging in Place Assessments can also include:


·      Basic Medical Information

·      Social Relationships

·      Activities of Daily Living

·      Fall-Risk Evaluation

·      Mental Health History

·      Adaptive Equipment

·      Environmental Assessment

·      Summary of Recommendations

·      Resources Based on Recommendations

AMC Contracting is been a great and loyal construction company who has remodeled all the bathrooms and flooring in my house. Very professional and reasonable price. I wouldn’t trust any other company out there besides them. I highly recommend them.
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Aging in Place Specialist

At AMC Contracting, we want to provide our Aging in Place clients with the best Aging in Place services out there. Conducting a thorough Aging in Place Assessment can help injured or immobile clients get the most out of their home by creating a safer, more comfortable home environment. Aging in Place clients can better manage their safety and independence through the beneficial services of an Aging in Place Specialist from AMC Contracting.

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